Weddings at Sea

Want to tie the knot without dropping anchor?

 book a wedding cruise

Book a wedding cruise

with the Starboard Cafe


 book a wedding cruise

We specialize in weddings at sea.


The Starboard Cafe offers complimentary cruise wedding planning assistance to folks from across the United States. We can help you set up a romantic wedding at sea on the cruise ship of your dreams.


Why choose Starboard Cafe?

  • Our seasoned agents can show you how to enhance your satisfaction and the quality of your wedding at sea.
  • We do all the legwork – for free – so you can focus on the fun stuff. Why should wedding planning be stressful?
  • Our staff work for your bottom line. We’ll help you save money and maximize perks whenever possible.


Call us today for information about how to book a wedding cruise you’ll never forget: (615) 689-5864. Or, fill out the form below. Thanks!


book a wedding cruise



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