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Jenna Palmer | Executive Cruise Agent, Starboard Cafe


Hi! My name is Jenna Palmer and I am the Director of Marketing here at Starboard Cafe Cruises. I’d like to welcome you to our website and wish you much luck in making your cruising dreams come true!



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1989: Year of New Beginnings

The Starboard Cafe began as a ‘eureka!’ moment aboard a little cruise way back in 1989, back before most people knew what the “Internet” was.

At the time, I was a newcomer to the cruising business. I was working as an outside sales agent for a local travel agency in my hometown, when I came upon an opportunity to jump a little deeper into the cruising industry. So I packed my bags and headed off to the beautiful island of Islamadora to tour the Florida Keys archipelago, courtesy of a charming little cruise ship named the Dolphin.

cruise travel agency nashville tn cruise agency franklin tn

The cruise was organized exclusively for travel agents to network and learn about new features and ships. I learned, and learned, and learned even more. Enough to feel inspired to begin my very own agency. Fortunately, I had met several generous mentors during seminars on the Dolphin voyage who provided essential tools and advice that ultimately helped me launch my own agency.

I was off to a great start. I thought, what better occupation than one that helps ordinary folks have the luxury experience of a lifetime by making the process as easy and affordable as possible?

The company, then named CruiseOne International, grew and matured through the 1990s. We gained a loyal following, active referrals, and new creative employees, and rolled into the new millennium with a fresh growth spurt and a whole bunch of new ideas for cruising in the new era.

2017: Where would you like to cruise this year?

In 2012, we changed our company name to match a new look we’re trying out. We hope you like it. Starboard Cafe Cruises is still going strong in 2017.   We hope you’ll consider our free cruise vacation booking and planning services for your next big vacation.

We want to create a comfortable and inspiring corner of the web for new and veteran cruisers alike. Take our blog for a whirl. Browse our premium selection of award-winning vacation packages. Drop us a line just to say hello!

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How Do We Define Success?

The most passionate and intelligent folks I’ve ever met were introduced to me inside the world of cruise travel. I learned from these mentors the core elements of a successful cruising agency.

To this day I operate my workplace with the same fundamental principles I inherited years ago. I have not defined success as a ritzy income or a huge number of clients. From the beginning, success has meant, above all, three things:





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Should I Use a Travel Agent to Book a Cruise?

Some cynics grumble that so-called “middle men” travel agents will soon be obsolete with the spread of the Internet and easy online bookings. These naysayers are wrong for exactly that reason: The necessity of having a knowledgeable advocate on your side to help you navigate wisely through the enormous amount of resources on the web is greater than ever.

cruise travel agency nashville tn cruise agency franklin tn
Anyone can put up an ad banner on the web, but deep experience, insider knowledge, and genuine personal concern for clients must be earned and demonstrated over time.

Here at the Starboard Cafe, we have put in the work, for over 2 decades and counting. Every bit has paid off, too. We are proud to now host our business both online and in the real world, providing global access to our small business model. This model is popular among cruise travelers because personalized services are the best way to humanize the cruise-planning process and get things done personably and hassle-free.

Agency Fees? Nope.


We offer our cruise design services to you completely free of charge.

So…Your Services are 100% Free to All?

Yep. The cruise lines like us and are pleased to pay the bills on your behalf. We introduce clients to them so they know how best to meet your onboard needs. Let us introduce you and your family to our family: the world’s premier cruise lines.


What You Can Expect:

~ You will never have to wait to hear from your cruise agent.

~ You will never be just a number in a database somewhere.

~ You will never be surprised by sudden changes in itineraries, discounts you could have used, or untended paperwork.


Thanks for Dropping By!

I love talking to prospective cruisers and curious passers-by. Please feel free to set up an appointment or send us a message We can guarantee a swift and useful response to your questions.

cruise travel agency nashville tn cruise agency franklin tn

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